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Descendents of Giuseppe Lanzara and Petronilla Bonifacio

Last update 2/17/2021

Here you can view the actual documents I have in my research collection. They include birth, marriage and death certificates or records, obituaries, military documents, applications for social security number (ss5), the Social Security Death Index (ssdi), and the Social Security Applications and Claims Index (ssaci).

Although not actually documents, the SSDI is the information on the index cards for deceased Social Security recipients. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

The SSACI picks up where the SSDI leaves off, with details such as birth date and parentsí names extracted from information filed with the Social Security Administration through the application or claims process.

In the case of the military records, many are registrations for the draft that men were required to obtain during World War One and World War Two.

The "imm&nat" column contains documents pertaining to Immigration and Naturalization.

That same column might also have "last will". This is a copy of the individual's Last Will & Testament.

                 Descendents of Giuseppe Lanzara and Petronilla Bonifacio

Maria Carmela Lanzaro LaMura (1869-1930) birth marriage death
Catello LaMura (1867-1943) birth marriage death ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Rosa Luisa Lanzaro (1871-1871) birth death ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Salvatore Lanzaro (1874-1914) birth marriage death
Maria Bellavigna Lanzaro (1882-1960) marriage ssaci
Joseph S. Lanzaro (1906-2000) marriage military ssaci
Helen Cascone Lanzaro (1906-1998) marriage ssdi ss5
Alma Lanzaro Chagnon (1908-2012) marriage ssdi
Emery Chagnon (1908-1975) marriage ssdi
Dominick Lanzaro (1910-2000) marriage ssdi
Sally Ferrara Cecere Lanzaro (1916-2002) marriage ssaci ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Marianna Lanzaro (1876-1878) birth death ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Ciro Lanzaro (1879-1881) death ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Ciro Eugene Lanzaro (1881-1944) birth marriage death obit military imm&nat
Louisa Leier Lanzaro (1884-1920) birth marriage death obit ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Petronella Lanzaro (1903-1905) birth death ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Joseph A. Lanzaro Sr. (1905-1985) birth marriage obit ssdi
Evelyn Winans Lanzaro (1907-1993) birth marriage obit ssdi
Jonathan Dayton Winans (1813-1900) marriage death
Sarah A. Patterson Winans (1824-1899) marriage
Isaac Winans (1850-1929) birth death obit last will
Jonathan Dayton Winans (1880-1927) marriage death obit military last will
Louise Anderson Winans (1886-1963) marriage obit ssdi
Louise S. Winans Weaver (1909-1974) birth marriage death ssdi
Ernest Weaver (1907-1985) marriage obit
Jonathan Dayton Winans (1911-2000) birth obit military ssdi
Catherine Tierney Winans (1908-1967) obit
Russell R. Winans (1913-1978) marriage obit ssdi
Frances Cook Winans (1922-1944) marriage death obit
Delite Winans (1941- ) marriage
William McKinley Winans (1915-1936) death obit
(Male Infant) Winans (1916-1916) death
Marion Winans Davenport (1923-1996) birth obit ssaci
Leroy A. Davenport (1923-2005) birth obit military ssaci
Robert J. Winans, Sr. (1884-1955) marriage death military
Catherine Jones Winans (1887-1914) death
Blanche Taylor Winans (1880-1963) birth marriage death
Betty Lujean Winans Sharp (1917-1991) marriage ssaci
Abram Allin Sharp (1918-1997) marriage ssaci
Robert J. Winans, Jr. (1924-2002) death ssaci
Joseph A. Lanzaro Jr. (1930-2011) obit ssdi
Patricia Bertola Lanzaro (1965-1997) obit ssaci
Lori Lanzaro (1961-2014) obit
Louise M. Lanzaro Peterson (1932-2015) marriage obit
Peter H. Peterson Sr. (1905-1996) obit ssdi
Patricia M. Lanzaro (1933- ) marriage
Vincent Gentile Sr. (1931-2007) marriage obit military ssaci
Donald C. Lanzaro (1936-1959) obit
William M. Lanzaro (1938-2011) marriage obit ssdi ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Lawrence V. Lanzaro, Sr. (1906-1994) birth marriage obit ssdi
Philomena DellaPietro Lanzaro (1913-1987) marriage obit ssdi
Lawrence V. Lanzaro, Jr. (1954-2018) obit ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Catello R. Lanzaro (1908-1981) birth marriage obit ssdi
Genevieve A. Durante Lanzaro (1912-1972) birth marriage death ssdi
Luca Durante (1858- ) imm&nat
Annunziata di Lorenzo Durante (1860-1932) death imm&nat
Lorenzo (Lawrence) R. Durante Sr. (1882-1947) death obit military imm&nat
Rose F. Ellison Durante (1891-1963) obit ssdi
Lorenzo (Lawrence) DiSanto (1856-1938) marriage death obit imm&nat
Maria Guerrero DiSanto ( )
Paolo DiSanto (1880-1957) birth death obit ssaci
Jane (Jennie) Ellison DiSanto (1864-1922) birth marriage death obit imm&nat
George Siegrist ( ) marriage
Pasqualine (Nancy) DiSanto Evans (1896-1966) birth marriage ssdi
Clifford Evans (1894-1957) marriage death obit military
Lawrence J. Evans (1920-1993) birth military ssaci
William C. Evans (1922-1980) birth ssaci
George T. Evans (1923-2004) birth obit military ssaci
(Female) DiSanto (1898-1898) birth
George DiSanto (1900-1918) birth death obit
John DiSanto (1905-1974) birth obit military ssdi
Mary Durante Centimole (1908-1972) birth marriage obit ssdi
John J. Centimole (1905-1983) marriage obit
Helen Durante Wichowski (1910-1984) birth marriage obit ssdi
Charles Wichowski (1910-1985) marriage obit ssdi
Loretta I. Durante (1915-1992) birth obit ssdi
Antoinette Durante Vecchio (1918-1998) birth death ssdi
Joseph L. Vecchio (1907-1997) death ssdi
Luke A. Durante (1921-1986) birth marriage obit military ssdi
Mathilda Vitkosky Durante (1925-2013) marriage death obit
George T. Durante (1924-1944) obit military
Lawrence R. Durante Jr. (1928-1954) marriage death obit
Carmella Tomasello Durante Dzwil (1929-2016) marriage death obit
Joseph W. Dzwil (1925-2012) marriage obit military ssdi
Eugene C. Lanzaro (1931-1992) ssaci
Myrtle Friend Lanzaro (1923-2004) ssaci
Richard J. Lanzaro (1937-1974) obit military ssdi ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Carmela P. Lanzaro Lau (1910-1961) birth marriage death obit
William A. Lau (1892-1962) birth marriage obit military
Robert E. Lau (1938-2007) obit ssaci
Kevin McConnell (1962-2012) obit
William F. Lau (1940-1985) obit military ssaci
Debra L. Lau (1966-1992) obit ssaci
Lillian V. Donahue Lau (1896-1961)
William J. Lau (1917-1986) military ssdi
Catherine M. Bell Lau (1921-1999)
Gerard J. Lau (1919-1991) marriage death military ssaci
Eleanor M. Kavanagh Lau (1917-1999) marriage ssaci
Gerard J. Lau Jr. (1947-2010) obit ssdi
Muriel Lau Kavanagh (1922-2011) marriage ssdi
William P. Kavanagh (1916-1995) marriage ssaci
Albert H. Lau (1862-1938) marriage obit
Anna Oeckler Lau (1867-1947) marriage
Augusta Lau Johnson Miller (1888-1972) birth ssaci
Charles A. Lau (1890-1891) birth death
Billie Lau (1891- )
Anna Lau (1894-1895) death
Anna Lau Wilhelms (1896- ) marriage
John Wilhelms ( ) marriage
Grechen L. Lau (1898- ) birth
Albert H. Lau (1899-1982) ssdi
Marie B. Timms Lau (1902-1988) birth ssdi
Marie Lau (1918- )
John A. (Jack) Lau (1920-1991) military ssaci
Jane M. Yates Lau (1920-2007) ssdi
John A. (Skip) Lau (1949-2000) military ssdi ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Eugene Lanzaro (1913-2000) birth marriage death obit ssaci ss5
Ann Cannizzaro Lanzaro (1921-2009) birth marriage obit ssdi
Salvatore Cannizzaro (1891-1953) marriage death obit
Francesca Russo Cannizzaro (1895-1968) marriage death obit ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Salvatore Lanzaro (1915-1916) birth death
Salvatore Lanzaro (1917-1917) birth death
Francis Lanzaro (1918-1921) birth death ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Catherine Lanzaro (1895-1896) death
Annie Lanzaro (1896-1896) death

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