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Immigration and U.S. Naturalization Records
for Ciro Lanzaro

Last update 4/10/2018

Ciro Lanzaro Immigration Record

Ciro Lanzaro Immigration Record
Starting from the top, that's Catello LaMura, badly misspelled, age 26. Next is his wife, Carmella LaMura, age 25, and their two children, Giuseppe (5) and Concetta (1). The next person on the list is Petronilla Bonifacio, age 49. Petronilla is the wife of Giuseppe Lanzara who is already in America. It was the practice back then for married women travelling without their husbands to use their maiden name. Note that her occupation is "Laundress". Although I cut off the top of the list that has Catello's occupation, you'll have to trust me that it says "Countryman". I believe this means a person who works the land (farmer/peasant?).

On the next page of the original document is Ciro Bonifacio. This is Petronilla's son Ciro Lanzara/Lanzaro, using his mother's maiden name. His age is listed at 16. This means he was born around 1876-77. This conflicts with all other documentation for his date of birth, which I have resolved as November 22, 1881. If this is correct, then he was really only 11 years old. On his Declaration of Intention for U.S. Citizenship (see below), dated 1911, he declares that his date of birth is June 31, 1879. I have no idea why there is this discrepancy, but notice that he is in a different section of steerage than the others. They are in section 2; he is in section 5. Again, I do not know why.

By the way, the date of birth that I have for Petronilla is February 6, 1844. She was indeed 49 when they arrived at Ellis Island on June 5, 1893. The ages for Giuseppe (January 2, 1888) and Concetta (November 29, 1891) also agree. But, the ages for Catello (October 14, 1867) and Carmella (June 21, 1869) are off by one to two years.

Ciro Lanzaro Naturalization Record

Ciro Lanzaro Naturalization Record Ciro Lanzaro Naturalization Record Ciro Lanzaro Naturalization Record Ciro Lanzaro Naturalization Record Ciro Lanzaro Naturalization Record