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Descendents of Michele LaMura and Rosa Minozzi

Last update 2/17/2021

Here you can view the actual documents I have in my research collection. They include birth, marriage and death certificates or records, obituaries, military documents, applications for social security number (ss5), the Social Security Death Index (ssdi), and the Social Security Applications and Claims Index (ssaci).

Although not actually documents, the SSDI is the information on the index cards for deceased Social Security recipients. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

The SSACI picks up where the SSDI leaves off, with details such as birth date and parentsí names extracted from information filed with the Social Security Administration through the application or claims process.

In the case of the military records, many are registrations for the draft that men were required to obtain during World War One and World War Two.

The "imm&nat" column contains documents pertaining to Immigration and Naturalization.

That same column might also have "last will". This is a copy of the individual's Last Will & Testament.

                            Descendents of Michele LaMura and Rosa Minozzi

   Michele LaMura
Rosa Minozzi LaMura (1831-1885) death
Sebastiano LaMura (1852- ) marriage
Vincenza Nastasia Cerreto LaMura (1859- ) marriage
Vincenza LaMura (1865-1867) death
Vincenzo LaMura (1870-1873) death
Giovanni LaMura (1872-1873) death
Concetta Immacolata LaMura (1874- ) birth
Catello LaMura (1867-1943) birth marriage death imm&nat
Maria Carmela Lanzaro LaMura (1869-1930) birth marriage death
Joseph C. LaMura Sr. (1888-1962) birth marriage obit military imm&nat
Leona Blanck LaMura (1890-1974) birth marriage death obit ssdi ss5
Eugene Blanck (1858- ) marriage
Emma Behrens Blanck (1860-1917) marriage death
Otto Blanck (1891-1968) marriage obit military ssdi
Marie Poole Blanck (1894-1955) marriage death obit ssaci
Dorothy Blanck (1914-1985) obit ssdi
Gertrude Blanck (1919- )
Eugene C. Blanck (1920-2000) birth obit military ssaci
Lottie Davis Blanck (1926-2001) obit ssaci
Eugene C. Blanck Jr. (1952-2005) obit ssaci
Ernest F. Blanck (1873-1932) marriage death military imm&nat
Margaret Clara Britt Blanck (1878-1956) marriage
Florence M. Blanck Fischer (1909-1992) birth marriage obit
John F. Fischer (1905-1983) marriage ssdi
Frederick G. Wenzel (1909-2006) marriage obit ssdi
Rose Kostak Wenzel (1910-2005) birth marriage obit ssdi
Frederick G. Wenzel Jr. (1934- ) marriage
Judith Ann Pressley Wenzel (1937- ) marriage
Victor J. Wenzel (1911-1996) obit ssdi
Mary Kabosky Wenzel (1910-1990) birth ssdi
Victor J. Wenzel Jr. (1934-1994) ssdi
Carmela LaMura Pulcrano (1918-2006) marriage ssaci
Louis C. Pulcrano (1916-2006) birth marriage military ssaci
Joseph C. LaMura Jr. (1920-2013) marriage obit military
Hazel Grothusen LaMura (1925-2014) marriage obit
Richard L. LaMura (1922-2009) birth marriage obit military ssdi
Dorothy Sherlock LaMura (1925-1966) marriage obit ssdi
Frank J. LaMura (1922-2009) birth marriage obit military ssdi
Mary L. McMahon LaMura (1925-2018) marriage obit
Brandon R. Paolo (1984-2016) obit
Robert E. LaMura (1924-2007) marriage obit military ssaci
Elizabeth Devlin LaMura (1926-2010) marriage obit ssdi
Raphael C. Devlin (1893-1957) death obit military
Margaret Fury Devlin (1898-1956) death obit
Mark LaMura (1948-2017) obit
Alfred J. LaMura (1926-2012) marriage obit
Margaret Taylor LaMura (1933-2016) marriage obit
Leona LaMura Boyd (1928-2014) marriage obit
Robert C. Boyd (1926-1994) marriage obit
Concetta LaMura Nori (1891-1977) birth marriage ssdi
Adolph Nori Sr. (1880-1963) marriage military ssdi imm&nat
Carmela (Babe) Nori Phelan (1911-2010) obit ssdi
Arthur M. Phelan (1907-1970) birth obit ssdi
William C. Phelan (1871-1934) death obit
Susan Maguire Phelan (1878-1951) death obit
Arthur M. Phelan Jr. (1935-2021) obit
Adelaide Nori Ward (1914-1979) obit ssaci
Charles E. Ward (1896-1974) obit military ssdi
Anthony C. Nori (1915-1975) military ssdi
Bertha P. Garrant Nori (1920-1964) ssdi
Adolph Nori Jr. (1917-1930) death
Joseph Nori (1919-1920) death
Joseph M. Nori (1921-2020) military
Alys Rance Nori (1922-2015) obit
Robert J. Nori (1923-2017) military
Margaret Benelli Nori (1927-2012)
Frances Nori Adisano (1925-2008) ssdi
John J. Adisano (1927-1984) military ssaci
Cesare Nori
Adelaide Centoscudi Nori (1853-1947) death obit imm&nat
Ida Nori Severini (1890-1968) marriage death obit imm&nat
Sallustio Augusto Domicilio (1886-1918) death obit military imm&nat
Clemente "Sam" Severini (1887-1977) death obit military imm&nat
Louis Domicilio Severini (1916-1995) birth death military ssaci
Augustina "Tina" Severini Previti (1924-1989) birth death obit
John J. Previti (1921-2005) death military ssaci
Pasquale "Charles" Norry (1893-1969) marriage death obit military imm&nat
Rosa K. Basso Norry Billings (1895-1992) marriage death ssaci
Charles Alfred Norry (1920-2010) birth marriage military ssdi
Edith E. Martinelli/Hastings Norry (1920- ) marriage
Laurence Joseph Norry (1922-2007) birth death obit military ssdi
August Joseph Norry (1930-1959) birth death obit military
Darlene Caldwell Norry Ferguson (1938- ) marriage
Cynthia Norry (1959- ) birth
Terry Ferguson ( -2014) obit
Robert Clement Norry (1933-1996) birth marriage death obit ssaci
Phyllis Irene Mariucci Norry (1938- ) birth marriage
Giuseppina "Josephine" Nori Maffucci (1896-1978) marriage death obit ssaci imm&nat
Giovanni "John" Maffucci (1886-1971) marriage death obit military ssdi imm&nat
Eugene S. Maffucci (1916-2001) death military ssaci
Ada Ferrera Maffucci (1922-2020) birth death obit
Steven August Maffucci (1956-1991) birth death obit ssaci
Rosa LaMura (1894-1906) death
Mildred LaMura Mastellone (1900-1976) marriage obit ssdi
Charles A. Mastellone Sr. (1896-1985) marriage obit military ssdi
Arnold J. Mastellone (1922-2000) marriage obit military ssaci
Fedella "Della" Buccolo Mastellone (1924-2019) marriage obit
Charles A. Mastellone Jr. (1925-2010) marriage military ssdi
Stella Esposito Mastellone (1928-2016) marriage
Frank P. LaMura (1902-1983) marriage obit ssdi
Gertrude Trail LaMura (1900-2000) marriage obit ssdi
Edward Trail (1857-1941) obit
Gertrude Johnson Trail (1858-1929) obit
Gertrude LaMura Steinhauser (1927-2007) obit ssaci
Mortimer Steinhauser (1922-1995) obit military ssaci
John P. Bruggemann (1926-2001) obit military ssaci
Anna LaMura Calarino Serrao (1905-1965)
Harry Calarino (1900-1990) military ssdi
Vincent A. Calarino (1924-1969) obit military ssdi
Angela R. Calarino (1927-1944) death
Rose Theresa LaMura De Feo (1907-1984) marriage death ssdi
Alfred De Feo marriage
Carmine A. (Sonny) De Feo (1931-2012) marriage ssdi
Michael K. LaMura (1909-1985) marriage obit ssdi
Loretta Silano LaMura (1911-1934) marriage death
Gertrude Horn LaMura (1915-1996) marriage obit ssaci
Marie LaMura (1934-1944) death

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