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Jim Lanzaro's
Traffic Warning Card

Jim Lanzaro's Traffic Warning Card

Jim Lanzaro's Traffic Warning Card

In May of 1922, New York City required that all drivers of horse-drawn or motor vehicles have a "Traffic Warning Card", with name, address, photo and physical description of the driver. They were actually required to have two copies of the card; one to be carried with them whenever they were operating the vehicle; and the other to be kept at the local police station. The purpose of the card was to keep a record of traffic offenses. Failure to produce the card when demanded by a police officer would result in a fine of $5.

The cards had notations for five minor traffic offenses, such as improper turn, no lights and disobeying traffic signals. As each violation was committed, the policeman detecting the violation would punch the card and sign it with his name and badge number, along with the date and nature of the offense.

When the driver commited his sixth offense, the police officer would issue the driver a summons to appear in Traffic Court. It would appear that Jim had a clean driving record.

Card courtesy Joann Silk