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Descendents of Francesco Lanzara and Elisabetta Bonifacio

Last update 12/25/2020

Here you can view the actual documents I have in my research collection. They include birth, marriage and death certificates or records, obituaries, military documents, applications for social security number (ss5), the Social Security Death Index (ssdi), and the Social Security Applications and Claims Index (ssaci).

Although not actually documents, the SSDI is the information on the index cards for deceased Social Security recipients. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

The SSACI picks up where the SSDI leaves off, with details such as birth date and parentsí names extracted from information filed with the Social Security Administration through the application or claims process.

In the case of the military records, many are registrations for the draft that men were required to obtain during World War One and World War Two.

The "imm&nat" column contains documents pertaining to Immigration and Naturalization.

That same column might also have "last will". This is a copy of the individual's Last Will & Testament.

                Descendents of Francesco Lanzara and Elisabetta Bonifacio

   Giovanni (John) Lanzaro (1882-1955)		birth	marriage		death		military				imm&nat
Josephine Cuccurullo Lanzaro (1893-1943) marriage death obit
Bertha Farber Lanzaro (1895-1970) death obit ssdi imm&nat
Elizabeth Florence Lanzaro Siano (1914-2000) birth marriage ssaci
Michael Siano marriage
Frank R. Lanzaro (1916-1996) marriage obit military ssdi ss5
Anna Manzione Lanzaro (1920-2011) birth marriage ssdi
John A. Lanzaro (1922-2000) military
Fred J. Lanzaro (1923-1984) military ssaci ss5
Maria Lanzaro Desiano (1888-1958) marriage death imm&nat
Vito Mario Desiano (1885-1959) marriage military imm&nat
Ralph Desiano Sr. (1911-1986) marriage ssdi
Josephine Tomaka Desiano (1911-1985) marriage ssdi
Valerie E. Desiano (1938-2000) marriage obit c
Elizabeth Desiano Capoziello (1912-2006) obit ssaci
Mateo (Matthew) W. Capoziello (1911-1992) ssdi
Theresa A. Capoziello (1946-2017) obit
Frank Desiano (1913-1994) military ssdi
Julia Desiano (1917-1987) ssdi
Grace Desiano (1914-1920) death
Restituta (Dolly) Desiano Carulli (1916-2006) marriage ssdi
Peter Carulli (1916-1975) marriage military ssaci
Richard Carulli (1943-2014) obit
Nicolo Carulli (1860-1929) imm&nat
Vincent F. Desiano (1918-2000) military ssaci
Nancy D'Allessandro Desiano (1923-1997) ssaci
John A. Desiano (1919-1988) obit ssaci
Assuntine (Sue) Guerrera Desiano (1917-2009) obit
Louis Desiano (1921-2018) obit military
Theresa Calia Desiano (1924-2010) obit ssdi
Vito Mario Desiano, Jr. (1925-2012) obit military ssdi
Frances Lee Desiano (1928-2013) obit
Joseph R. Desiano (1926-2009) obit military ssdi
Margaret Fitzpatrick Desiano
Anthony J. Desiano (1930-2013) obit military
Lorraine Castagnino Desiano (1933-1989) ssaci
Anna Lanzaro DeGennaro (1889-1977) marriage death obit ssdi ss5
Louis DeGennaro (1890-1977) marriage obit military ssdi imm&nat
Pasquale DeGennaro (1913-1972)
Corinne Sundstrom (1919-1984)
Frank DeGennaro (1915-1987)
Mary Merola DeGennaro (1919-1990) ssaci
Madeline DeGennaro (1917-2020) obit
Salvatore DeGennaro (1922-1923) death
Louis J. DeGennaro (1924-2008) marriage obit military ssdi
Elizabeth Augenti Ambrose DeGennaro (1932-2020) marriage obit
Peter Augenti (1909-1993) marriage obit military ssaci
Helen Kovaleski Augenti (1910-2002) marriage obit ssaci
Cherubino Augenti (1842-1930) death obit
Maria Tartaglia Augenti (1850-1919) death imm&nat
Carlo Augenti (1880-1965) birth military ssdi
Ida Coppi Augenti (1879-1923) death
Alfred Augenti (1904-1904) birth death
Rose Maria Augenti Staula (1906-1978) birth death obit
Mary Augenti (1909-1910) birth death
Mary Augenti (1911- ) birth
(male) Augenti (1915-1915) death
Mary E. Nunes Augenti (1902-1957)
Eleanor M. Augenti (1925-1989) birth death ssaci
Charles F. Augenti (1929-2009) death obit
Susan "Dolly" Perrault Augenti (1925-2011) obit
Robert Cherubino Augenti (1931-2017) marriage death obit
Glenda Ann Galante Augenti (1933-2004) marriage obit
Deborah Karen Vogt Augenti (1949- ) birth marriage
Henry Augenti (1932-2014) birth obit
Priscilla Read Augenti (1931-1994) death ssaci
Jean A. Augenti Pechillis (1939- ) birth
Luisa Augenti (1883- ) birth
Giuseppina Augenti Penta (1883-1979) birth marriage ssdi
Agostino Penta (1883-1955) marriage death military
Anthonio Augenti (1889-1971) marriage military ssdi imm&nat
Marion Wallace Augenti (1897-2001) marriage ssdi
Nicolo Augenti (1874-1952) marriage death obit military imm&nat
Maria Mastrangelo Augenti (1878- ) birth marriage imm&nat
Maria Addolarata Augenti Giusti (1900-1979) birth obit
Louis Giusti (1895-1956) death obit military
Cherubino Augenti (1902-1920) birth death
Maria Theresa Augenti Barone (1903-2002) birth marriage death ssaci
James Barone (1916-1982) death military
Michael Augenti (1905-1906) birth death
Michael A. Augenti (1907-1963) birth death military
Amerigo Frank Augenti (1910-1991) marriage death obit military
Margherita Geraci Augenti (1916-2002) birth marriage obit ssaci
Anthony J. Augenti (1912-1995) marriage death obit military
Stella Glowacki Augenti (1912-1972) marriage obit
Columbo Augenti (1913-2002) marriage military ssaci
Anne Kerrick Augenti marriage ssdi
Nicholas Michael Augenti (1944-2013) obit
Helena Augenti Pina (1916-2001) marriage ssaci
Ralph Pina
Italia Ida Augenti Molchan (1918-1996) obit ssaci
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Matteo Abruzzese (1887-1943) death obit military imm&nat
Clara Mastromatteo Abruzzese (1891-1954) death obit
Michael Ambrose (1912-1979) marriage obit military ssdi
Albina DeMartino Ambrose (1910-2001) birth marriage obit ssdi
Clair Ambrose Condie (1937) marriage
Malcolm Condie (1926-2012) birth marriage obit military
Michael Amrose Jr. (1941-1948) death obit
Carl Ambrose (1914-1975) marriage obit military
Freda Shirley Ambrose (1918-1966) marriage death obit
David F. Ambrose (1947-2005) obit
Nicholas Ambrose (1916-1988) marriage obit military ssdi
Mary Sadowski Ambrose (1919-1996) marriage obit
John Ambrose (1918-2008) marriage military ssdi
Audrey Louise Adams Ambrose (1921-2014) marriage obit
Linda Jane Ambrose (1946-1946) death
Mary Ambrose Cerminaro (1920-2005) marriage obit ssaci
John P. Havach (1917-1987) marriage obit military
Jack Cerminaro (1911-1985) marriage obit military
Lillian Ambrose Sadowski (1922-2006) marriage obit
Edward Sadowski (1920-1989) marriage obit military
Matthew Ambrose Jr. (1924-1994) marriage obit military
Dolores Walko Ambrose (1927-2005) marriage obit
Jean Ambrose Ceccacci (1927-2015) marriage obit
Angelo Ceccacci (1922- ) marriage military
Philomena "Florence" Ambrose Gentile (1931- ) marriage
George Gentile (1926-2000) marriage obit military
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Matteo Balice
Filomena Lo Bianco Balice
Giovanni Trobacco
Luisa Sque
Francesco "Frank" Antonio Trobacco (1859-1934) death obit
Concetta Balice Trobacco (1868-1952) death obit imm&nat
Filomena "Minnie" Trobacco Bruno (1889-1982) marriage obit imm&nat
Anthony Bruno (1874-1926) marriage death obit
Joseph Bruno (1907-1997) birth marriage obit military ssdi
Josephine Di Geso Bruno (1911-1996) birth marriage obit
Frank Bruno (1909-1963) birth marriage death obit military
Marguerite Irving Bruno (1913-2006) marriage death obit
Lorraine Bruno Araya (1932-2003) marriage obit ssaci
Fernando Araya (1929-2004) birth marriage obit ssaci
Alphonse Bruno (1911-1978) birth marriage death military ssaci
Ruth Butt Bruno (1912-1994) marriage death obit ssaci
Arthur Bruno (1912-1989) death obit military
Anthony Bruno (1919-1999) marriage obit military ssaci
Eileen Fascher Bruno (1921-2009) marriage obit ssdi
Giovanni "John" Trobacco (1895-1971) marriage obit military ssdi imm&nat
Mary DeMartino Trobacco (1905-1997) marriage obit
Frank Troback (1926-1988) marriage obit military
Elizabeth Shirk Troback (1930-2016) marriage death obit imm&nat
Elvira Troback Chiavacci (1928-1990) marriage death obit
Harding Chiavacci (1924-1996) marriage death obit military ssaci
Rosetta Troback (1929-1933) death obit
Yolanda Troback Hoban (1931-2015) marriage obit
William G. Hoban (1928-2013) marriage obit military
Rosetta Troback McNulty (1934-2007) marriage death obit
Paul R. McNulty (1934-2007) marriage death obit military ssdi
Ernesto Trobacco (1898-1968) marriage death obit military imm&nat
Gretchen Wintle Trobacco (1898-1962) marriage death obit
Mary Connors Trobacco (1902-1977) marriage obit
Gretchen Dorcas Troback McLain (1927-2015) marriage death obit
Colin Bowen McLain (1924-1959) marriage death obit military
Elvira Trobacco Occhiato (1906-1981) birth marriage obit ssdi
Frank Occhiato (1907-1988) birth marriage obit military
Katherine Occhiato Mecadon (1929-2013) marriage death obit ssdi
Michael Mecadon (1926-2007) marriage death obit military
Helen Occhiato Fasciana (1932-2014) birth marriage obit
Michael Fasciana (1927-2012) marriage obit military
Rosemary Occhiato Chimento Mendola (1934- ) marriage
John Chimento Jr. (1929-1964) marriage death obit
Sam Mendola (1931-2019) obit
Michele DeMartino (1853- ) imm&nat
Laura Miozzi DeMartino (1851- ) imm&nat
Francesco DeMartino
Louise Mancera DeMartino
Alfred DeMartino (1877-1950) death obit military imm&nat
Luisa Elizabeth Trobacco DeMartino (1892-1957) death obit imm&nat
Michael DeMartino (1907-1979) birth marriage obit military
Henrietta Vlerebome DeMartino (1912-1997) marriage obit ssdi
Frank DeMartino (1908-1970) birth marriage obit military
Ann Richards DeMartino (1915-1993) marriage obit ssdi
Mary DeMartino (1912-2008) obit
John DeMartino (1916-1970) marriage obit military
Augusta Marie Rossi DeMartino (1917-2005) marriage obit
Peter DeMartino (1918-1996) obit military ssaci
Rose Mary Catania DeMartino (1926-1992) marriage obit ssaci
George DeMartino (1920-1998) marriage obit military ssaci
Margaret McHugh DeMartino (1926-1997) marriage obit ssaci
Vincent (Jim) Lanzaro (1890-1945) birth marriage obit military
Evelyn Manley Lanzaro (1881-1961) marriage death ssaci
Francesco Lanzaro (1916-1917) birth
Frank Charles Lanzaro Sr. (1920-1977) birth marriage obit military ssaci ss5
Anne T. Murray Lanzaro (1922-2012) birth marriage
Frank Charles Lanzaro Jr. (1945-1973) death ssdi ss5

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