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The St. Joseph's Cemetery Grave of
Louisa and Ciro (Eugene) Lanzaro

Lanzaro Headstone 2

Lanzaro Headstone 1

Photos taken September 2016


Louisa Leier married Ciro (Eugene) Lanzaro in Brooklyn in 1903. Louisa contracted tuberculosis in 1919 and was confined to a sanitarium in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, where she died more than a year later on July 16, 1920. She was 35 years old. Petronilla was Ciro's mother.

Although there is only one Salvatore carved on the back of the headstone, there are actually two of them in the plot. The first Salvatore was born on Feburay 6, 1915 and died Christmas Day 1916, just 3 months before the second Salvatore was born, on March 19, 1917. This Salvatore died 6 months later on September 4, 1917. The other name, Frank, was little Frankie, born June 7, 1918, and died September 15, 1921, a year after his mother. The three little brothers were the last children of Ciro and Louise.

When Ciro (Eugene) died in December 1944, the cost of his funeral and burial was $751.

In March of 1945, Petronilla's remains were moved from another family plot in the cemetery to this one, per instructions left by Ciro. The cost of the transfer was $40.