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The LaMura Family Plot at Holy Cross Cemetery

Last update 7/14/2015

The LaMura Family Plot at Holy Cross Cemetery

Located in Section B, Region Rg-33, Plots 112 and 113.

This is a double plot in the cemetery that actually holds 11 people (although 2 are babies), but only 7 are recorded on the headstone. The headstone sits in the middle of Plot 113, while Plot 112 is the area to the right of the headstone.

The eleven are: Catello LaMura (1867-1943), his wife Carmela Lanzaro LaMura (1869-1930), their children: Rosa LaMura (1894-1906), Frank P. LaMura (1902-1983), Michael K. LaMura (1909-1985), Marie LaMura (1934-1944; Michael's daughter), and Anna LaMura Calarino Serrao (1903-1965). In addition, there is Maria Felicia Lanzara (1842-1908; the sister of Giuseppe and Francesco Lanzara), Salvatore Lanzaro (1875-1914; Carmela LaMura's brother and husband of Maria Bellavigna), Joseph Nori (1919-1920; baby son of Adolfo Nori and Concetta LaMura), and a month-old baby named Joseph DePaula (1917-1917) whom I have not been able to identify.

The LaMura Family Headstone at Holy Cross Cemetery

Photos taken October 1994


Note that several of the dates carved on the headstone do not agree with the dates I have posted. My dates were taken from birth and death records and from the information provided to me from the cemetery office.