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Culebra Cigars

Culebra Cigars

Culebra cigars are unusual cigars that have been around since the early 1800’s. The translation of “Culebra” is “snake” in Spanish - You can tell by the shape how it got it's name. It looks like three snakes braided together. The culebra cigar is three Panatelas that are twisted together while the tobacco is moist enough to be pliable. Only specialized rollers can create these cigars and therefore limited on how many can be created and very few companies produce them.

History or Folklore of the Culebra.

There is really no one story that has been confirmed, but these are the most common tales told. Truth or Folklore?

The most told story is of cigar rollers outsmarting the manufacturers. Manufacturers would allow their rollers to smoke and or take home only a few cigars per day. In most cases it was three. The rollers decided to take the three they were allowed and braid the cigars, making one cigar that would never pass quality standards. Using the same number of three, the rollers can take home or smoke Nine.

Another story is that cigar manufacturers allowed the rollers to smoke cigars. But were they smoking profits, or the cigars that didn’t meet quality standards? By braiding the cigars, they couldn't be sold, because they were not straight and of a sellable quality. The cigar rollers, by making the sticks look awkward, the manufacturers were able to keep inventory. Also by making the sticks an odd shape, the cigar rollers wouldn't be able to sell the sticks on the black market, therefore stopping theft in the workplace.

Yet others seem to think that it was just a way of making a unique looking cigar that would be rare and getting top dollar due to rarity. They mostly come in a coffin tied together with a ribbon or twine. That makes for a great presentation for gifts and collectors. Most are made from the Legero leaves and are excellent smokes.

You Smoke the Culebra Cigar.

You can smoke the Culebra cigars. That is what they were meant to be. Untie the wraps, or bands, at the end of the braid and carefully separate the sticks. Share a stick with two other friends or keep them safe in your humidor for smoking later.

Culebra Cigars