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Maria Felicia Lanzara
born February 7, 1842 in Nocera Inferiore, Italy
died January 24, 1908 in Brooklyn, NY, age 65 years

Father: Diodato Lanzara (1800-1864)
Mother: Mariarosa Auletta (1804- )

Cause of death: Valve Heart Disease

Valve heart disease is a disease in which one or more of your heart valves don't work properly. Birth defects, age-related changes, infections, or other conditions can cause one or more of your heart valves to not open fully or to let blood leak back into the heart chambers. This can make your heart work harder and affect its ability to pump blood. In 1908, this could very easily lead to death, especially in the elderly.

Maria Felicia was the sister of Giuseppe and Francesco Lanzara. She traveled from Casttellamare di Stabia and arrived in America aboard the Red Italia on October 28, 1907. She declared herself a widow although I have no record of her marriage in Italy. She travelled under her maiden name, but that is not unusual. When Petronilla and Ciro arrived in America, they were listed with the surname of Bonifacio, not Lanzara. It was the custom at that time for women travelling without their husbands to declare themselves in their maiden or family names.

Maria Felicia was working as a housekeeper and living at 518 Henry Street when she died. She had been in America less than 3 months. She was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn.